02 Jun

True story. March, 2020, the Coronavirus changed a lot of lives, mine included. University instruction moved online. My children stayed home from school and gleefully played videogames into the wee hours of the morning. My husband, pastor of a church set in rural Ohio, continued worship services until the Governor of Ohio recommended otherwise. We stayed home bumping into each other, eating late dinners, playing Settlers of Catan, waiting to be released from “shelter-in-place” orders for what seemed like a long, long time.  

Then, came the ultimate surprise:  life continued. The seasons changed. Spring blasted into summer, then it was May. COVID19 did not go away. Classes at the university ended. My children less gleefully more confusedly continued to play videogames long into the night. We all managed to remember they once had been in school just in time for them to eke out a few “B”s and “C”s. There were “F”s. There were tears, worry, doubt, fear. Broken things.

I planted a garden. Suddenly art seemed frivolous, a luxury, dark or an impossibility. I saw other artists respond to the fight to stay connected. But my well of creativity dried up and I replaced thoughts of art with running in circles. I questioned my life, existence, vocation, purpose over and over and over. My family will tell you my existential crisis is nothing new. What was new, is that so many seemed to feel the same, and this time, I finally had external circumstances to blame.     

Now it is June. My thought for the day? Thank you Jesus. We made it through May. I am tired of doubt, overthinking, disappointment, waiting for the right circumstances, and living without people. I am ready to try, to believe, to do, to continue, to go, to see, to start. I am ready to act. I am ready to hope.

Sunday May 31 was Pentecost Sunday. On Pentecost, after a very long wait, the Holy Spirit arrived. Here’s a thought for all those who are still waiting:  what if, just what if...you get to decide the date the Holy Spirit arrives in your life? What if the wait is over??

“The act of creativity reflects our creative God. Everything we see was designed by our Creator. He saw that what He made was good. And when we make things, we share in that goodness...Too often we make [producing art] about ourselves when it’s really a chance to commune with and experience the very nature of God.” Created For More: 30 Days to Seeing Your World in a New Way by Jonathon Malm

My goal this June 2020 is every day for thirty days to actively look for signs of the amazing, joyful, restless, awe-inspiring, Holy Spirit. I’m picking up the 30 day challenge in Created For More. I’ll blog about it, here. I’m inviting any of you to try it with me. Some of you I'll be inviting personally. Do it now, later. You decide.

Let’s do this thing called life. Let’s do this thing called art. And, let’s do it together, with God. If you're in, let me know!

Let’s see where this takes us. #createdformore  

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